Waning Gibbous is an experimental ambient music project emerging from a close-knit group of musicians in the Midwestern United States. Every full moon the musicians of the collective collaborate to create an ambient recording from scratch.

Last Quarter, the second in the group’s 8 album lifespan, is released via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and others May 18th, 2017.

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Waning Gibbous, the group’s self-titled debut album, features a mix of more than a dozen different performers over the course of 13 tracks.

Listen to the premiere album Waning Gibbous below, or via spotify, google play, itunes, or on another of your favorite digital music services.

Featured track description:

1. Grey Fading Moon – A noisy soundscape of droning heaters, crunching leaves, overly-delayed guitars and distorted samples were the homage of only one Waning Gibbous member to the illness and absence of two others, on the full-moon-eve in early November 2014 which had been planned to be the first Waning Gibbous session.

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7. Flower Jazz Gibbous – A springtime gem from Waning Gibbous’ debut recording set, this beautiful free-jazz style improvisation features Maya Khasin as the flute soloist, the electric guitar work of Sam Burt and Brett Kelly, keyboards by Nathaniel Fairbanks, and percussion work by Josh Kornbluh and Emily Wynn.

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